AeroVanti cuts ties to Brazos Valley Air

By Doug Gollan, October 6, 2021

Piaggio program AeroVanti has ended its agreement with Brazos Valley Air Charter to operate P.180 flights for members

AeroVanti, which launched operations at the beginning of the summer, is pivoting away from Brazos Valley Air Charter. An official with Brazos confirmed the split

According to its founder and CEO Patrick Britton-Harr, the company will now use Easton, Maryland-based Trident Aircraft.

It is using the Learjet charter operator as available to fulfill flight requests for program members.

Brazos was supposed to be the source of an expanded fleet of the fast Italian turboprops.

Britton-Harr says the original intent was to acquire Brazos, however, it became clear that there wasn’t a fit. He says AeroVanti notified Brazos in mid-September.

According to Britton-Harr, AeroVanti currently has two P.180s that will be flown by Trident, hopefully beginning in November. He says a total of five P.180s will eventually be operated by Trident.

Last month, the company added its first guaranteed availability program. It offers the P.180 at $1,995 per hour, plus FET, east of the Mississippi.

There is a $500 per hour surcharge for western flights with its as available program.

For the moment, he says that AeroVanti is working through other operators to secure flights for members. Clients, he says, pay the provider directly. AeroVanti then provides a future credit for the delta between the AeroVanti fixed rate and the cost of the replacement flight

Britton-Harr says his program currently has about 100 members and he is personally reaching out to them about the changes. Membership fees range from $1,000 to $2,500 per month.

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