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Exec1 Aviation Executive Overview


JR Boesen


Jet Card Hourly Rates

Light jets from $6,750 per hour, plus FET

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Exec1 Aviation is an Ankeny, Iowa-based light jet Part 135 operator offering a national fixed-rate, as-available jet card program on its refurbished Hawker 400s and 400XPs.

Its jet card program was originally launched under the Dash Jet banner.

Exec1 mainly sells via the wholesale market to other brokers and jet card programs.

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Exec1 Aviation Fast Facts

When was Exec1 Aviation founded?


Who owns Exec1 Aviation?

JR Boesen

How many customers does Exec1 Aviation have?

Exec1 Aviation has under two dozen customers in its jet card program. 

What are the annual revenues for Exec1 Aviation?

Not disclosed

Who is the CEO of Exec1 Aviation?

JR Boessen

How does Exec1 Aviation source private jets?

It has a floating fleet of Beechcraft 400s and Hawker 400s

How many airplanes, what types of planes are in Exec1 Aviation fleet?

It has light jets in its fleet

How much does Exec1 Aviation private jet programs cost?

Its jet card starts at 25 hours

What type of pricing does Exec1 Aviation offer?

Fixed-hourly rates as available.

What is Exec1 Aviation's website?

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