Fly Aeolus

Fly Aeolus Executive Overview

Year Founded



Antwerp, Belgium


Stefaan Ghijs


Vincent Wigmans


Marieke van Dijk

Branding & Marketing

Jet Card Hourly Rates

From 648 euros per hour on a Cirrus SR22

Fly Aeolus has become the first company to offer air taxi services using single-piston aircraft in Europe under a fractional ownership model.

Using its fleet of Cirrus SR22, the company also offers three different jet card programs and provides access to over 1,200 low-traffic airports across Europe.

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When was it founded?


Who owns it?

It is privately held

Who is the CEO?

Stefaan Ghijs

How are the aircraft sourced?

Fractional fleet

What are the initiation and membership fees?


What is Fly Aeolus’s entry-level program?

Jet cards start at 15 hours

Do they provide guaranteed availability?


Is the hourly rate guaranteed?


What is the company website?

Where is the headquarters?

Antwerp, Belgium

Fly Aeolus Fast Facts

When was Fly Aeolus founded?


Who owns Fly Aeolus?

Fly Aeolus is privately held.

How many customers does Fly Aeolus have?

Number of customers is not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Fly Aeolus?

Revenue is not disclosed.

Who is the CEO of Fly Aeolus?

Stefaan Ghijs, Founder

How does Fly Aeolus source private jets?

It operates a fractional fleet.

How many airplanes, what types of planes are in Fly Aeolus fleet?

Fly Aeolus operates Cirrus SF22 piston aircraft.

How much does Fly Aeolus private jet programs cost?

Membership starts at 50 euros per month.

What type of pricing does Fly Aeolus offer?

Flights are priced dynamically.

What is Fly Aeolus's website?

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