Fly Aeolus offers low price jet card options in Europe at $720 per hour

The company sells jet cards from its fractional fleet of single-engine Cirrus SR22s.

By Doug Gollan, April 22, 2018

The company sells jet cards from its fractional fleet of single-engine Cirrus SR22s


Yes, there is another jet card provider. Jet cards fill the gap between on-demand charter and full or fractional ownership, and in many cases provide supplemental lift for users who already have private aviation solutions. Perhaps surprisingly it has taken awhile for turboprops to gain their due in the jet card segment. Lower cost means lower profit margins, so many of the big names in jet cards don’t offer turboprop solutions. At the same time, Wheels Up, StraightLine Private Air, Nicholas Air, Luxury Aircraft Solutions and Concord Private Air among others now offer jet cards with turboprops. 


Add to that list in Europe Fly Aeolus (the Greek God King of Winds if you were curious), which since 2009 has been selling fractional shares on the Cirrus SR22, which carries up to three passengers with a range of around 1,000 miles at 250 miles per hour. There are over 1,600 European airports in the Fly Aeolus service area (partial map above).


The privately held company is based in Antwerp, Belgium and offers jet cards in denominations of 15, 30 and 75 hours. Prices are based in Euros, but at current exchange rates equate to approximately $720 per hour and there are no daily or segment minimums. Taxi time is charged at 10 minutes per segment, de-icing is extra and there surcharges to access slot controlled airports are extra. There is a $1,235 initiation fee but no annual dues. Your card funds are non-refundable.


In terms of who’s piloting you plane, requirements include CPL/IR or ATPL/IR ratings and a minimum of 500 hours, of which at least 200 hours are on single piston aircraft, of which a minimum of 50 hours are IFR flights of which 15 hours are flown at night. Pilots also must have completed during the preceding 90 days five IFR Flights on a single piston aircraft including three instrument approaches in a single pilot role or an instrument approach check and completed during the preceding 90 days three take-offs and landings at night in a single pilot role or a night take-off and landing check. Fly Aeolus actually has profiles and pictures of its pilots on its website.


Some of Fly Aeolus’ 2017 highlights included:

  • Moved in Antwerp and Rotterdam to larger offices.
  • Growth of 238%
  • 60 new customers
  • Added three aircraft to its fleet
  • Averaged 1.82 passengers per flight
  • Longest flight was 4:08 hours
  • Average flight time was 2:16 hours
  • Shortest flight was 0:07 minutes
  • Started a base in Berlin.


You can compare Fly Aeolus to over 35 jet card providers and more than 250 programs by becoming a paid subscriber here.

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