What does a Private Jet Card Comparisons’ subscription include?

Get our VIP Jet Card Decider support plus compare over 65 variables for 250+ top Private Jet Card Programs including:

  • Company Background
  • Escrow Policy
  • Service Area
  • Types of Aircraft Offered
  • Standards for Sourcing Pilots and Planes
  • Refunds, Refills and Rollovers
  • Lead-time on Reservations and Cancellations
  • Fuel Surcharges, CPI Escalators and Other Hidden Fees
  • Is De-icing included?
  • Listing of Peak Days by program
  • Daily and Segment Minimums
  • WiFi availability


+ Plus

  • Our VIP Jet Card Decider service provides personal email and phone support to help you find the programs that best fit your needs
  • A free copy of my book on Jet Card Pricing ($24.95 on Amazon) that in less than 30 minutes will put you in the driver’s seat when you speak to jet card providers
  • E-notifications whenever there are significant changes by providers
  • Ability to copy and download the Jet Card Program Comparison spreadsheets to create your own comparisons of programs

Paid subscribers are able to copy and download our charts for personal use, enabling you to cross-compare programs that best need your needs.

We do not provide or sell your info to any 3rd parties.

By subscribing you are saving hours and hours of time copying and pasting charts

You will have answers to the key criteria that will help you choose the private jet card.

Whether you have been using private aviation for years or are just beginning to consider private air travel and jet card services, finding the programs that fit your travel needs can be time-consuming.


Subscribing to Private Jet Card Comparisons put you in the pilot’s seat when it comes to choosing the right program. Our charts save you tens of hours of research and thousands of dollars in fees from choosing the wrong program.



Have more questions?

We have the answers…

By subscribing you will have answers to the key criteria that will help you choose the private jet card including:

  • What is the minimum experience your pilots have?
  • What are the program’s standards for sourcing the planes you will fly on?
  • What type of aircraft do they offer?
  • Who owns the company?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Who’s the CEO?
  • Do they escrow your money?
  • What’s the service area for the program?
  • What’s the lead time for reservations and cancellations?
  • How many peak days do their programs have?
  • Are there peak-day surcharges?
  • What’s the lead time for making peak day reservations?
  • What’s the daily minimum flight hours you will be charged?
  • What’s the minimum age for sending unaccompanied minors?


  • Are there extra charges for bringing pets?
  • What type of extra charges are there? De-icing? Fuel Surcharges?
  • Can they increase your hourly cost during your contract?
  • Is your money refundable?
  • Can you roll over unused hours?
  • What’s their service recovery policy?
  • Is WiFi guaranteed?
  • Will you have fully enclosed toilets?
  • What type of VIP perks and luxury partnerships do they offer?
  • And of course, what do they charge?

Save time and money!


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