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-Mary, Venture Capital, San Francisco

Compare over 65 variables for 250+ top Private Jet Card Programs including:

  • Company Background
  • Escrow Policy
  • Service Area
  • Types of Aircraft Offered
  • Standards for Sourcing Pilots and Planes
  • Refunds, Refills, and Rollovers
  • Hourly Rates
  • Lead-time on Reservations and Cancellations
  • Fuel Surcharges, CPI Escalators, and Other Hidden Fees
  • Roundtrip and Long-Flight Discounts
  • Is De-icing included?
  • Listing of Peak Days by program
  • Daily and Segment Minimums
  • WiFi availability

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+ Plus

  • Our VIP JET CARD DECIDER 2.0 service provides personal email and phone support to help you find the programs that best fit your needs
  • QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING allows you to compare charter quotes and jet card pricing head-to-head in seconds
  • A free copy of my book on Jet Card Pricing ($24.95 on Amazon) that in less than 30 minutes will put you in the driver’s seat when you speak to jet card providers
  • E-notifications whenever there are significant changes or important news from providers
  • Ability to copy and download the Jet Card Program Comparison spreadsheet to create and save your own custom comparisons
  • Private Jet Card Comparisons Rewards – discounts, credits, and perks from leading luxury travel providers from castles to villas, 5-star resorts, and even superyachts

$250.00 for 12 months

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