Privatefly Executive Overview

Year Founded



St. Albans, England


Marine Eugene

Managing Director, Flexjet, Inc., Europe

Annelies Garcia

Commercial Director, PrivateFly

Garreth Horrocks

Group Safety Officer

Steven Warner-Gould

Jet Card Sales Director

Matt Barber

Head of Sales

Kenn Ricci

Chairman, OneSky Flight

Andrew Collins

CEO, OneSky Flight (charter and jet cards)

Dave Woolley

Finance Director, OneSky Flight, Europe

Jet Card Hourly Rates

From 7,900 euros in a light jet

Related Products

On-demand charter; Empty legs; Fractional ownership and leases through Flexjet

Related Companies

A subsidiary of OneSky Flight (Directional Aviation) Sentient Jet, FXAIR, Flexjet

Founded in 2008 and based outside London, PrivateFly offers on-demand charter and a fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card in Europe.

In 2018, it was acquired by Directional Aviation, which merged its Skyjet private jet charter division under the PrivateFly banner.

It is part of Flexjet, Inc., which includes Flexjet, Sentient Jet, FXAir, and Constant Aviation.

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Privatefly Fast Facts

When was Privatefly founded?


Who owns Privatefly?

Directional Aviation’s Flexjet, Inc. owns PrivateFly

How many customers does Privatefly have?

Not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Privatefly?

Flexjet, Inc. reported $2.96 billion in revenues in 2022 with a management-adjusted EBITDA of $288 million.

Who is the CEO of Privatefly?

Mike Silvestro and Andrew Collins are Co-CEOs of Flexjet, Inc.

How does Privatefly source private jets?

Aircraft for its jet card are sourced from Flexjet, Inc. fleet and third-party charter operators.

How much does Privatefly private jet programs cost?

Its Aviator program starts at a 100,000 euros deposit

What type of pricing does Privatefly offer?

PrivateFly offers fixed-hourly-rates

What is Privatefly's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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