Stratos Jet Charters

Stratos Jet Charters Executive Overview

Year Founded



Orlando, Florida


Joel Thomas

President & CEO

Darren Engle


David Borgerding


Kyle Jones

Director of Sales

Kerry Hill

Managing Director, Palm Beach

Simon Christian

West Coast Sales Director

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Light jets from $7,450 per hour, including FET

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Based in Orlando, Florida, Stratos Jet Charters launched a fixed-rate pay-as-you-go jet card in February 2022.

The programs are marketed as Soar and Soar Higher.

The difference is the duration of the rate lock, either six or 12 months. It previously only offered dynamic pricing.

Benefits include deicing no-cost service recovery flights.

Founded by Joel Thomas in 2007, the private jet charter broker is an Argus Certified Broker and a Wyvern Approved Breaker.

It carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

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Stratos Jet Charters Fast Facts

When was Stratos Jet Charters founded?


Who owns Stratos Jet Charters?

Joel Thomas

How many customers does Stratos Jet Charters have?

Not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Stratos Jet Charters?

Not disclosed.

Who is the CEO of Stratos Jet Charters?

Joel Thomas


How does Stratos Jet Charters source private jets?

Stratos Jet Charters uses third-party charter operators

How much does Stratos Jet Charters private jet programs cost?

Membership in its pay-as-you-go jet card is $14,500

What type of pricing does Stratos Jet Charters offer?

Stratos offers fixed-hourly rates

What is Stratos Jet Charters's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

Make the right decision

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