Jet It Executive Overview

Year Founded



Greensboro, North Carolina


Glenn Gonzales

Founder, CEO

Vishal Hiremath

Founder, President

Chris Crawford

Chief Operating Officer

Henry Kim

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Akir Khan

VP of Strategy

Duncan Jones

VP of Sales

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Greensboro, North Carolina-based Jet It offered fractional ownership in the HondaJet very light jet, Gulfstream G150, and Phenom 300 using a by-the-days format.

Fractional owners could use their shares for multiple flights on the same day, including waiting time.

Shares started 25 days per year.

After launching in 2018, the company expanded to Canada and Europe using HondaJet.

In 2021, it added the Gulfstream G150, providing owners with a transcontinental option.

In October 2022, it said it would transition to the Phenom 300 as its fractional ownership platform.

In 2023, Jet It grounded its fleet and shut down.

The company was founded by CEO Glenn Gonzalez, a former executive with Honda Aircraft Company and a demonstration pilot with Gulfstream Aerospace.

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Jet It Fast Facts

When was Jet It founded?


Who owns Jet It?

Jet It is privately held. 

How many customers does Jet It have?

Jet It reported having around 160 fractional owners when it shuttered.

What are the annual revenues for Jet It?

Jet It forecast $120 million in revenues for 2022, with a $23.1 million net loss.

Who is the CEO of Jet It?

Glenn Gonzales

How does Jet It source private jets?

Jet It uses its fractional fleet of HondaJets, Phenom 300s, and Gulfstream G150s.

How much does Jet It private jet programs cost?

Jet It starts at 10 days access per year. Acquisition cost was $630,000, with a monthly management fee of $4,500, and an hourly rate of $1,600.

What type of pricing does Jet It offer?

Jet It offers fixed hourly rates. The hourly rate was $1,600 per hour, excluding monthly management fee and cost of acquisition.

What is Jet It's website?

The Jet It website is no longer active.

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