Surf Air Mobility

Surf Air Mobility Executive Overview

Year Founded



Santa Monica, California


Carl Albert


Deanna White

COO and Interim CEO

Sudhin Shahani


Liam Fayed

Chief Brand & Experience Officer

Oliver Reeves


Fred Reid

Global Head of Business Development

Ido Gruberger

Chief Strategy Officer

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Surf Air Mobility was founded in 2011.

Its original plan was to sell seats on scheduled flights using the Pilatus PC-12 between small airports in California via private jet terminals.

In 2020, it acquired the charter platform BlackBird Air and renamed itself Surf Air Urban Mobility. It has since renamed its Surf Air Mobility.

In 2022, it announced plans to merge with Southern Airways, and it dropped plans for a SPAC-based IPO.

In 2023, it went public via a direct listing.

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Surf Air Mobility Fast Facts

When was Surf Air Mobility founded?


Who owns Surf Air Mobility?

Surf Air Urban Mobility is publicly traded via a direct listing

How many customers does Surf Air Mobility have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for Surf Air Mobility?

$22 million for the 12 months ending March, 2023

Who is the CEO of Surf Air Mobility?

Sudhin Shanani

How does Surf Air Mobility source private jets?

Surf Air uses third-party charter operators

How much does Surf Air Mobility private jet programs cost?

There is no membership fee

What type of pricing does Surf Air Mobility offer?

Surf Air offers dynamic pricing

What is Surf Air Mobility's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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