Premier Private Jets

Premier Private Jets Executive Overview

Year Founded



Stuart, Florid


Josh Birmingham


Jeff Lee


Joanne Aquilina


Steve O'Neill

Advisor, Strategic Planning

Steve Purvis

Vice President of Maintenance

Darren Blackett

Vice President of Sales

Marty Hetherington

Director of Marketing

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Light Jets from $6,400 per hour, plus FET

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Part 145 Maintenance and an FBO in Michigan

Premier Private Jets is a floating fleet operator headquartered in Stuart, Florida.

It currently has 13 light and midsize private jets with plans to double its fleet in the next several years.

It offers jet cards with fixed hourly rates and guaranteed availability.

The Florida Express Jet Club offers fixed flight pricing to and from Florida airports to a service area East of the Mississippi, excluding Maine and Minnesota.

In July 2023 it launched a fixed hourly rate card for flights east of the Mississippi River.

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Premier Private Jets Fast Facts

When was Premier Private Jets founded?


Who owns Premier Private Jets?

Premier Private Jets is privately held.

How many customers does Premier Private Jets have?

Premier Private Jets has approximately 50 jet card members

What are the annual revenues for Premier Private Jets?

Premier Private Jets had an estimated $50 million in revenues in 2022.

Who is the CEO of Premier Private Jets?

Joshua Birmingham

How does Premier Private Jets source private jets?

Premier Private Jets sources aircraft for its jet cards from its own fleet and third-party charter operators.

How much does Premier Private Jets private jet programs cost?

Premier Private Jets starts at 25 hours for jet cards and four annual flights for the Florida Express fixed route rate jet card.

What type of pricing does Premier Private Jets offer?

Premier Private Jets offers fixed hourly and fixed regional rates.

What is Premier Private Jets's website?

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