Four Corners Aviation

Four Corners Aviation is part of Aquila Aviation Ventures.

It was founded in 2021 with City+Ventures by Brian Proctor, CEO and Founder of Mente Group, a private jet aircraft brokerage that has advised and participated in over $11 billion in transactions.

The group has acquired two Part 135 operators, Ultra Air, and Millbrook Aviation, as well as Mente Group.

In 2021 it launched Freedom by Four Corners.

The concept enables customers to have all the benefits of their own scalable aviation department – with a customized and fully integrated lift solution, including aircraft, crew, operations, and supplemental lift, but without the hassles of ownership such as administration, accounting, and uncertainties.

In 2022, it launched the Four Corners Aviation Charter Card.

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Four Corners Aviation Fast Facts

When was Four Corners Aviation founded?


Who owns Four Corners Aviation?

Aquila Aviation Ventures

How many customers does Four Corners Aviation have?


What are the annual revenues for Four Corners Aviation?


Who is the CEO of Four Corners Aviation?

Brian Proctor

How does Four Corners Aviation source private jets?

Four Corners Aviation sources from aircraft it manages and third-party charter operators.

How much does Four Corners Aviation private jet programs cost?

Its jet card program starts with a $100,000 deposit.

What type of pricing does Four Corners Aviation offer?

Four Corners uses dynamic pricing.

What is Four Corners Aviation's website?

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