Linear Air

Linear Air Executive Overview

Year Founded



Bedford, MA


William Herp


Jet Card Hourly Rates

Linear Air uses dynamic pricing.

Linear Air Group was founded in 2004 as an on-demand air taxi.

It has since converted to a private jet charter broker offering aircraft of all types on demand.

Its Platinum membership offers discounts and preferred cancelation terms.

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Linear Air Fast Facts

When was Linear Air founded?


Who owns Linear Air?

Privately held.

How many customers does Linear Air have?

Not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Linear Air?

Not disclosed.

Who is the CEO of Linear Air?

William Herp.

How does Linear Air source private jets?

Linear Air uses third-party charter operators. 

How much does Linear Air private jet programs cost?

Linear Air membership starts at $25,000.

What type of pricing does Linear Air offer?

Linear Air uses dynamic pricing.

What is Linear Air's website?

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