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San Francisco, California


Ben Klein


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Aero Technologies, Inc. is a San Francisco-based 2019 start-up offering seats on scheduled flights using private jet terminals.

After originally launching flights between Ibiza, Spain, and Mykonos, Greece, during the peak summer season, it launched U.S. flights in 2021.

In addition to flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Western U.S. destinations and Los Cabos, it opened a base in Dallas with flights to Aspen and Los Cabos.

In August 2022, Aero raised $65 million to fund expansion.

In June 2023, it suspended European flights. 

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Aero Fast Facts

When was Aero founded?


Who owns Aero?

Aero is privately held. Uber co-founder Garrett Camp was an initial investor.

How many customers does Aero have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for Aero?

Not disclosed

Who is the CEO of Aero?

Uma Subramanian

How does Aero source private jets?

Aero owns and leases the airplanes it uses.

How much does Aero private jet programs cost?

Aero sells seats on a flight-by-flight basis with typical prices ranging between $1,000 and $3,000 per seat.

What type of pricing does Aero offer?

Dynamic pricing

What is Aero's website?

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