Air Partner Inc.

Air Partner Inc Executive Overview

Year Founded



Gatwick, England and New York, USA for parent Wheels Up


George Mattson

CEO, Wheels Up Experience

Mark Briffa

CEO, Air Partner and Chief Commerical Officer, Wheels Up

Paul Rollason

Group Finance Director

Craig Pattison

Chief People and Technology Officer

Kevin MacNaughton

Managing Director, Charter

Jonathan Astill

EVP, Services

Jet Card Hourly Rates

U.S. light jet rates from $7,900, including FET; European light jet rates from 6,960 euros

Related Products

Wheels Up, Group Charters, Cargo Charters, Air Evacuation; On-demand Charters, Empty Legs

Related Companies

Wheels Up Experience (parent), Bain Simmons, Redline Assured Security, Delta Air Lines

Air Partner is part of Wheels Up Experience in a deal that closed in April 2022.

Air Partner’s JetCard program comprises just a portion of the broad aviation offerings of the 60-plus-year-old organization.

Its fixed-rate jet card is offered in the U.S. and Europe.

It also arranges freight charters, travel planning group charters, and on-demand charters.

The company is based at Gatwick Airport outside of London, England.

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Air Partner Inc Fast Facts

When was Air Partner Inc founded?


Who owns Air Partner Inc?

Wheels Up Experience

How many customers does Air Partner Inc have?

Parent Wheels Up Experience has over 12,000 members. Before its acquisition Air Partner had around 300 jet card customers.

What are the annual revenues for Air Partner Inc?

In its last year as a public company, Air Partner reported GPB 274.8 million in revenues, GBP 44.9 million in gross profit, and GBP 11.6 million in net profit before tax.

Who is the CEO of Air Partner Inc?

Mark Briffa is the CEO of Air Partner. Todd Smith is the Interim-CEO of parent Wheels Up Experience.

How does Air Partner Inc source private jets?

Air Partner uses the fleet of Wheels Up Experience and as a charter broker the fleets of third-party charter operators. 

How much does Air Partner Inc private jet programs cost?

Air Partner’s entry program in the U.S. starts at 10 hours and $79,000 on a light jet.

What type of pricing does Air Partner Inc offer?

Fixed-hourly rates with guaranteed availability.

What is Air Partner Inc's website?

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