XO (formerly XOJET)

XO Executive Overview

Year Founded



Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Thomas Flohr

Chairman of parent Vista Global Holding

Beth Stebenne

Chief of Staff

Raja Khurana

Chief Commercial Officer

Lynn Fischer

Chief Marketing Officer

Sergey Petrossov

Chief Digital Officer (Vista Global)

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Dynamic Pricing only

Related Companies

Vista Global Holding (parent), Air Hambug, Apollo Jets, Jet Edge, Red Wing Aviation, Talon Air, VistaJet, XOJET Aviation

XO was founded in 2006 as XOJet Aviation based in Northern California.

TPG Capital and Aabar PJS, two large private capital investors, sold the company to Dubai-based Vista Global Holding in 2018.

It is a sister company of Vistajet.

Before the sale of XOJet, it had built an on-fleet and off-fleet model with over $100 million in brokerage sales.

In June 2019, its brokerage was merged with JetSmarter, another Vista Global acquisition.

The new brand was named XO Global LLC, and the website URL was changed to FlyXO.com. The company rebranded it as XO.

XO had offered a broad spectrum of programs, from fixed-rated offerings on its fleet of super-midsize private jets (Citation X and Challenger 300) and off-fleet on light and midsize jets.

In July 2021, it suspended its fixed-rate Elite Access membership.

As of 2023, it offers dynamically priced memberships, shared flights, and the ability to buy single seats on private jets. It has been a leader in jet-sharing flights, pushing the democratization of private aviation.

Vista Global acquired a minority interest in Red Wing Aero, with plans to build its fleet of light jets.

It also acquired Apollo Jets, a larger private jet charter broker, now a subsidiary of XO Global.

With the Apollo acquisition, Vista Global gained a minority interest in Talon Air, a top 20 Part 135 charter operator.

In 2022, Vista Global acquired Jet Edge and Air Hamburg.

XOJet, Red Wing, and Talon Air-operated aircraft, along with VistaJet, Jet Edge, and Air Hamburg aircraft, are used for XO members in what is known as the Vista Members Fleet.

Additionally, it uses third-party charter operators.

As a foreign entity, Vista Global is barred from holding a majority stake in U.S. airlines, including charter carriers.

However, it owns both the XO charter and jet card brokerage and aircraft in the various fleets.

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XO Fast Facts

When was XO founded?


Who owns XO?

Vista Global Holding

How many customers does XO have?

Not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for XO?

Vista Global had $2.6 billion in revenues in 2022.

Who is the CEO of XO?

Thomas Flohr is Chairman of Vista Global Holding.

How does XO source private jets?

XO sources aircraft from the Vista Members Fleet and third-party charter operators. 

How much does XO private jet programs cost?

XO Membership starts at $100,000.

What type of pricing does XO offer?

XO uses dynamic pricing. 

What is XO's website?

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