Airshare (formerly Executive AirShare)

Airshare Executive Overview

Year Founded



Lenexa, KS


John Owen

President & CEO

Alex Franz

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Tretiak

Chief Marketing Officer

Dylan Haynie

Chief Revenue Officer

Josh Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Blanck

General Counsel

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Phenom 300 is $4,520 per hour to cover 10 days of usage

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Lenexa, Kansas-based Airshare, offers fractional shares, leases, and jet cards on Embraer Phenom 300s and Bombardier Challenger Challenger 350s

Its jet card and fractional programs are based on days-based access.

This enables clients to fly as much as they want within a duty day,

Jet cards are based on 10 days of annual access, with fractional ownership beginning at 20 days of yearly access.

Additionally, it offers aircraft management.

Pro golf legend Tom Watson says, “The reason I switched to Airshare is economics. It saves you money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service.”

Its current lead ambassador is Super Bowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes. 

Airshare serves clients located within 120 nautical miles of Orlando, Naples, and Palm Beach, F; Houstonn, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, Tulsa, OK; Kansas City, Wichita, KS; Denver, CO; St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN, and Buffalo, NY. This includes Cincinnati, OH; Louisville, KY, Milwaukee, WI; and Toronto, Canada.

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Airshare Fleet

Aircraft Size
Embraer Phenom 300 Light
Bombardier Challenger 350 Super Midsize

Airshare Fast Facts

Who owns Airshare?

Airshare is owned by Curran Companies, a family office venture capital group based in Kansas City, Missouri.

How many customers does Airshare have?

The number of customers is not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Airshare?

Airshare’s annual revenue is estimated at around $175 million. It doesn’t publish revenue numbers.

Who is the CEO of Airshare?

John Owen

How does Airshare source private jets?

From its fractional fleet of Phenom 300s and Challenger 3500s.

How much does Airshare private jet programs cost?

Airshare’s jet card starts at 10 days of access per year on a Phenom 300 with a deposit of $110,000. 

What type of pricing does Airshare offer?

Fixed-hourly rates.

What is Airshare's website?

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