Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group)

Private Jet Services Group Executive Overview

Year Founded



Seabrook, NH


Greg Raiff


Randy McKinney

President, Elevate Aviation Group

Lezlea List

President, Private Jet Services Group

John Thomas, Jr.


Michael Horrisberger


Tim Murphy

General Counsel

Michael Horrisberger


Jon Reed

Chief Sales Officer

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Light jets from $7,500, including FET, plus fuel surcharges

Related Products

Part 135 operators Keystone Aviation and Elevate Jet, Group charters for sports teams, live entertainment tours, political campaigns, and meetings; Corporate shuttles; and On-demand charter

Related Companies

Elevate Aviation Group, Elevate Jet, Keystone Aviation, Keystone MRO

Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group) is a privately-held broker and diversified provider specializing in sports, entertainment, political campaign, and large group VIP airliner charters.

PJS is part of Elevate Aviation Group, including Part 135 operators Keystone Aviation and Elevate Jet.

PJS Group also offers on-demand charter and a cabin category jet card program starting with a $150,000 deposit.

All its jet cards include full carbon offsets in the price.

The company is based in Seabrook, New Hampshire, and Miami, Florida.

It was founded in 2003. 

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Private Jet Services Group Fast Facts

When was Private Jet Services Group founded?

Private Jet Services Group was founded in 2003 by Greg Raiff.

Who owns Private Jet Services Group?

Greg Raiff is the majority owner.

How many customers does Private Jet Services Group have?

Not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Private Jet Services Group?

Not disclosed.

Who is the CEO of Private Jet Services Group?

Greg Raiff

How does Private Jet Services Group source private jets?

PJS Group sources aircraft via Keystone Aviation, Elevate Jet, and third-party charter operators.

How much does Private Jet Services Group private jet programs cost?

PJS Group’s jet card begins at $150,000.

What type of pricing does Private Jet Services Group offer?

PJS Group offers fixed-hourly rates on a custom basis.

What is Private Jet Services Group's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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