AirBook One

AirBook One Executive Overview

Year Founded



Chicago, IL


David Metrick

Jet Card Hourly Rates

AirBook One uses dynamic pricing

AirBook One is an online broker of private jet charters.

It offers dynamic pricing.

However, its website offers hard quotes you can book instantly.

It sells private jets by category.

By providing instant pricing, you don’t spend time going back and forth with estimated pricing and waiting for confirmation.

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AirBook One Fast Facts

When was AirBook One founded?


Who owns AirBook One?

David Metrick

How many customers does AirBook One have?

The number of customers is not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for AirBook One?

Revenue is not disclosed.

Who is the CEO of AirBook One?

David Metrick

How does AirBook One source private jets?

AirBook One is a broker. Aircraft are sourced from third-party charter operators.

How much does AirBook One private jet programs cost?

Membership starts with a $25,000 deposit.

What type of pricing does AirBook One offer?

Flights are priced dynamically, on a trip-by-trip basis.

What is AirBook One's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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