AirBook One launches instant booking dynamic pricing membership

Online private jet charter broker AirBook One has added a deposit membership starting at $25,000.

By Doug Gollan, February 4, 2023

Online private jet charter broker AirBook One has added a deposit membership starting at $25,000

Chicago-based AirBook One has added a deposit membership.

The 2021 start-up is one of the few providers to offer instant-booking dynamic pricing.

Its Wallet Program allows clients to deposit as little as $25,000, although they must maintain a $10,000 balance.

CEO and Founder David Metrick says, “The advantage is that there are no fees from our bank to accept ACH or wires. Once the funds are in the customer’s Wallet Account, all flight transactional fees are avoided as customers book flights, and dollars are drawn out.”

Asked about the starting point, he adds, “The costs of flight have certainly gone up, and these numbers could be doubled, but we like having a low point of entry for our customers, so they feel comfortable and learn what we are all about. Most people do deposit more, but again, we like the low entry point.”

AirBook One has also added a loyalty program.

Customers also receive 1% of the total flight cost less FET in rewards to use towards future flights within 24 months of booking. You can use up to 50% of the total available rewards for any single flight.

Since its launch, AirBook One bought a private aviation pricing algorithm it has customized over the past year.

It is now expanding its booking platform to operators on a white-label basis.

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