Compare membership fees, CPI escalators, charges for deicing, trip pricing methodology, taxi time charges, segment and daily minimums, roundtrip discounts, peak day surcharges, and destination surcharges

Are there any initiation fees? What are the ongoing or annual dues for your private jet membership? How often does your jet card provider increase your rates? Do you have to pay for deicing, or is it included? How does your jet card provider price your trip – actual or estimated flight time or mileage? Who pays if there is a diversion. What type of additional charges aren’t included. Does your jet card charge for taxi time? Is it included or added to daily and segment minimums? Are there roundtrip discounts? How do you qualify for roundtrip discounts? Are there peak day surcharges, and how much is the surcharge? Which destinations and airports have surcharges? By comparing the details, you will find the program that best matches your needs, saving you tens of thousands of possibly wasted dollars – and lots of research time. Find out why you should subscribe.

  • Initiation Fees
  • Annual Dues
  • CPI Escalators
  • Deicing Charges
  • Trip Pricing Methodology
  • Diversion Costs
  • Additional Billed fees
  • Taxi Time Charged
  • Segment Minimums
  • Daily Minimums
  • Roundtrip Discounts
  • Roundtrip Discount Qualifications
  • Peak Day Surcharges
  • Destinations With Surcharges

Companies Profiled:

Compare Able American Jets; AeroVanti; Air Charter Service; Air Partner; Airshare (formerly Executive Airshare); Airstream Jets Inc.; Ajax Jets; Alliance ExpertJet; Flexjet; Fly Aeolus; FlyExclusive; FXAIR; GlobeAir; GrandView Aviation; Hopscotch Air; International Jet; Jet Algo; Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.; Jet Edge: Jet Linx Aviation; Jetlogic Ltd.; Jet the World; JetSet Group;; Jettly; LunaJets SA; Luxury Aircraft Solutions; Magellan Jets; Netjets (including Marquis Jet); Nicholas Air; Northern Jet Management; ONEFlight International; Outlier Jets; Paramount Business Jets; Priester Aviation; Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group); PrivateFly; Prive Jets; Qatar Executive; Quantum Jets; Sentient Jet; Silverhawk Aviation; Solairus Aviation; Starflight Aviation; Star Jets International LLC; StraightLine Private Air; Stratos Jet Charters; Tradewind Aviation; Unity Jets; Vault Jet; Velocity Jets; VeriJet; VistaJet; Wheels Up, and XO (formerly XOJET and JetSmarter).

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