Data for 43 companies covered in this spreadsheet:

*FBO choice

*Included catering details

*Guaranteed WiFi

*InFlight phone service guaranteed

*Flight attendant included

*Guaranteed full lav vs. enclosed

*Pet policies

*Emergency medical support

*Minimum age for children traveling alone

You’ve made your travel plans. You’ve boarded and look forward to a perfect private jet flight. This section covers the critical factors of your trip once you are in-the-air. Can you specify a particular fixed base operator (FBO) at your origin and destination? Is catering included in the costs, and, if so, what is the level of that catering? Is WiFi guaranteed so you can remain productive? What are the experience levels of your pilots and crew? Is a flight attendant included in your fees? What is the situation with the on-board lavatory? What if you like to fly with your pets or want to send your children on a flight unaccompanied?

Most private jet airports feature multiple fixed base operators (FBOs) that offer a variety of aircraft services and differing levels of passenger hospitality. Most of the card program providers can accommodate specifics request for FBO facilities, but most also work with preferred FBO partners at destinations and may levy a surcharge to accommodate your request. Some leave FBO selection purely up to the passenger, with no additional fees.

When it comes to catering for the trip, only a few card programs do not include basic catering in trip fees. Most provide included catering along the lines of the term “standard aircraft stock,” meaning jets are stocked with appropriate food and beverages for the time of day of the flight, and any additional special requests can be accommodated at an extra charge. Obviously, “standard airline stock” can vary by operator, so if your food and beverage demands are specific, you will need to check what that term includes with each provider. Some standard catering programs include adult beverages, even featuring curated wine selection. The good news for passengers who want something special when they fly and are willing to pay is that all of the profiled companies will accommodate catering requests as best as they possibly can, with some even offering a set dollar credit to apply to special catering.

Onboard WiFi is actually one area where private jets lag behind commercial aircraft. The expense, downtime and approvals to ground a private aircraft to install additional communications equipment can be prohibitive for some operators, and companies that go to the broader charter market for their jet card programs cannot guarantee that WiFi will be available on all jets available for your trip. The majority of card programs state that WiFi is available, but not guaranteed, or can be guaranteed by customer request or at certain membership levels.

Some companies that offer card program specify propriety minimum standards for the pilots they employ: Usually a set number of flight hours, FAA ratings, aircraft type ratings, or a combination of standard benchmarks. Some defer to third-party rating organizations, like Wyvern and ARG/US, who asses and grade operational practices via audits and track record reviews.

Having a flight attendant available to assist during a trip can be a welcome crossover feature from commercial air travel. Some of the profiled companies do not include a flight attendant in the trip fees, provide a flight attendant only on certain aircraft or at certain membership levels, or provide flight attendants on request for an additional fee.

While some trips may not require the availability of a lavatory at all, the personal convenience of a separate full bathroom or less-private enclosed lavatory can be an expected amenity. While only some profiled companies who rely on the large population of charter jets cannot guarantee a lavatory, all can accommodate the request. Some guarantee lavs at certain levels depending on certain aircraft types or within their owned private fleet, while others provide particular levels of lavatory privacy at an on-request basis that may include an additional charge.

All of the profiled companies we received information from welcome pets on-board. Some require notification at the time of reservation, some guarantee no additional charge for pets, and some reserve the right to charge for any additional cleaning required. The age and other restrictions for flying an unaccompanied minor, however, can vary greatly among card programs. While all companies we received this information from allow unaccompanied minors to fly (some require additional paperwork and proper documentation or parental releases be filed), age minimums can run from no restriction to requiring passengers to all be at least 18. Card program that relies on the global population of charter aircraft defer to the policies of the specific operator of the charter flight when it comes to unaccompanied minors flying on private jets.

Note: Every effort has been undertaken to ensure that all data presented is up-to-date and accurate. Information was sourced directly from the companies profiled and from verified publicly available sources. All data was offered for review and verification to the profiled companies, but some specifics may vary upon contacting the profiles. A blank area indicates that we received no response from the profiled company.

Companies profiled: Air Charter Service, Air Partner, Inc.; Airstream Jets Inc.; Clay Lacy Aviation; Concord Private Jet; Delta Private Jets, Inc.; ECOJETS; Executive AirShare; ExpertJet; Flexjet; Fly Aeolus; GlobeAir; Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.; Jet Linx; Jetlogic Ltd.; Aviation; Jet the World; JetSet Group; JetSuite;; Jettly; Luxury Aircraft Solutions; Magellan Jets; Netjets; Nicholas Air; ONEFlight International; Paramount Business Jets; Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group); PrivateFly; Prive Jets; ProspAir Jet Charter; Sentient Jet; Silverhawk Aviation; Solairus Aviation; Star Jets International LLC; StraightLine Private Air; TeeBee Jets; Unity Jets; Velocity Jets; VistaJet; Wheels Up; Wholesale Jet Club; and XOJET.

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