“Nothing in life is free…especially searching for the best private aviation solution”

– Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor of Private Jet Card Comparisons

Nothing in life is free, and that’s true if you are looking into buying jet cards or memberships as well as on-demand private jet charter flights.

Yet, you may have seen ads offering to help you find the “best” private jet solution for FREE.

To get their “recommendations,” you need to complete a brief survey asking about your private jet travel needs. You need to provide your phone number and email.

You are the product they are selling.

When you click send, whether it’s clear or not, you are now in their sales funnel two ways:

  • They sell your contact information to jet companies that buy leads. In other words, expect telemarketing calls.
  • They get referral fees when you buy from a “partner” they referred you to

This means that the providers they are pushing you to – good, bad, or average – may not be the best for your needs.

Depending on your flying patterns, you may end up paying tens of thousands of dollars more than comparable providers. That’s not because the provider is good or bad. It’s just the small print rules that are the core of jet card programs.

Private Jet Car Comparisons never sells your contact information nor do we accept referral fees from jet companies. We give you updated, unbiased data so you can make an informed buying decision.

You can compare over 50 providers and 250+ programs 65 variables, Including:

  • Safety – Aircraft and Operator Sourcing Standards, and Pilot Experience 
  • Pricing – Purchase Price, Hourly Rates, and Pricing Methodology
  • Flexibility – Lead time for Reservations and Cancellations, Applicable Aircraft, Seating Capacity, and Service Area
  • Stability – Ownership, Company History, Headcount, Refund Options, and Escrow Account Options
  • Aircraft Type – NEW – Search by Cabin Category or Specific Aircraft Type, including the ability to upgrade or downgrade based on your needs for that trip
  • Details That Matter – Insurance, WiFi, Pets Policies, Service Recovery, Initiation Fees, Annual and Monthly Dues, CPI Escalators, Fuel Surcharges, De-icing, and Peak Day Charges, Taxi Time, Segment, and Daily Minimums, Roundtrip Discounts 
  • And much more…

Don’t take our word for it…

subscribers speak
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Here’s what you get:

  • Compare apples to apple pricing in seconds with our new QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING tool that factors in charges for deicing, taxi time, daily and segment minimums, peak day surcharges, FET charges, and membership fees based on your flight time.
  • As a paid subscriber, you will have 12 months’ access on your computer to our Excel-based comparing tool with over 250 programs that you can copy and download for personal use, enabling you to identify the jet cards that meet your needs.
  • You can compare over 65 variables to find out which programs best fit your flying patterns.
  • Find the programs that match your flying needs in just minutes.
  • You’ll have access to a comparison of over 150 private jet types by cabin width, height, length, size in cubic feet, internal and external baggage storage, speed, and range.
  • You get a FREE copy of Doug Gollan’s book Jet Card Pricing: 19 Factors That Impact The Cost of Your Private Flights – a $24.95 value.
  • Our VIP Service JET CARD DECIDER helps you decide whether a jet card makes sense for you and which programs best fit your needs. Answer questions on a word document your download in our members-only site, and we’ll do the work, providing you customized recommendations based on your travel patterns within 3 business days. We can even speed it up if you need faster service!
  • Our BEST PRIVATE JET BROKERS GUIDE, plus avoid illegal charters with an updated FAA list of all Part 135 charter operators and tail numbers.
  • All of the above, including my personal assistance via email or phone, is only $250 for 12 months when you subscribe.
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Questions? Email me at doug.gollan@privatejetcardcomparisons.com

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