Jet Card Or On-Demand Charter? Mayweather Versus McGregor Provides A Test

Jet card deals and discounts

Private Jet Card Comparisons compares pricing for on-demand charter versus jet cards


The over 100 jet card programs we compare on this website vary widely from sourcing standards for pilots and airplanes to rates, fees and surcharges, service areas and so forth. In fact, we track 65 points of differentiation and in 2018 are adding a few more.


When people ask what’s the best jet card, it’s a bit like asking what’s the best hotel? Well, in which city? Why are you going? Business? Romance? A family vacation? Maybe a company incentive or board meeting? Do you want to be seen or in the middle of a scene? What services and amenities do you care about? Is price an critical factor or just a consideration? The goal of Private Jet Card Comparisons is to help you choose the program or programs that are right for you. It’s not a one size fits all market.

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