Jet Card Marketing Research & Industry Analysis Report 2021/22


The Jet Card Report 2021/22 by Private Jet Card Comparisons provides unduplicated valuable insights directly from buyers of private aviation prior to and post-purchase. This 140 + page report offers detailed and segmented insights into what consumers of private aviation memberships and jet cards want – and what they bought. It provides actionable data that subscribers can use to refine and target their offerings to increase sales and profitability.


Who should buy this report?

  • Brokers selling jet cards or memberships
  • Brokers considering jet cards or memberships
  • Operators selling jet cards or memberships
  • Operators wholesaling to the jet card or membership sellers
  • Operators considering jet cards or memberships
  • Fractional share operators
  • Manufacturers of aircraft used by charter and fractional providers
  • Suppliers, including those providing inflight connectivity
  • Industry executives and analysts who wish to better understand the jet card/membership market from the consumer perspective

What research buyers are saying?

“Jet Linx Aviation is a subscriber to The Jet Card Report by Private Jet Card Comparisons. This is in-depth research directly from private aviation consumers and insightful analysis we haven’t found anywhere else. It has helped us immensely from operations to product development, sales, and marketing. For any company that sells jet cards or memberships or is considering it, as well as operators who sell to jet card providers, I can highly recommend subscribing to The Jet Card Report.”

– Ron Silverman, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Linx Aviation

Who was surveyed?

Subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons who pay a $250 annual subscription fee


404 active buyers of private aviation who were in the process of researching private aviation options between February and August 2021 tell what they want. This is direct data from their requests for a custom analysis of best options via Private Jet Card Comparisons’ Jet Card Decider tool.


375 consumers who purchased, were in the process of purchasing or were active private aviation users as of September 2021 tell what they bought, including which solutions they are using (jet cards and memberships, on-demand, full ownership, fractional ownership, jet sharing), and future private travel expectations.

private jet card report

What jet card buyers want:

  • Number of flight hours desired
  • Aircraft types wanted
  • Minimum lead-time for booking desired
  • Flexibility to avoid peak days
  • Desire to upgrade/downgrade aircraft size
  • Pricing preferences (Fixed/Capped Rates vs. Dynamic)
  • Need for multi-airplane same-time use
  • Openness to flying turboprops
  • Openness to working with boutique/small providers
  • Require for fully enclosed lavs
  • Require/desire WIFI
  • Extended service area destinations desired
  • Pet travel
  • Segment Analysis of the Light Jet Flyer
  • Segment Analysis of the Super Midsize Jet Flyer
  • Segment Analysis of Turboprop market potential
  • Segment Analysis of The Last Minute Flyer – Respondent who want to book within 24 hours or less to departure
  • Segment Analysis of The Planners – Respondents who book at least 7 days in advance
  • Segment Analysis of The Connected Flyer – Respondents who require WiFi
  • Segment Analysis of Respondents open to Boutique/Small Providers

Post Purchase Analysis:

  • Newcomers – How do you expect your private flying to change after the COVID-19 pandemic is over?
  • Existing Flyers – How do you expect your private flying to change after the COVID-19 pandemic is over?
  • All Flyers – Post-COVID-19 flying compared to prior pre-COVID-19
  • Reasons to fly privately
  • Service Issues
  • What are your current private aviation solutions?
  • Approximately how much was the deposit of your last jet card/membership purchase?
  • Satisfaction with Current Provider
  • What was negotiated?
  • Jet Card Providers ranked by Consideration/Purchase
  • Jet Card Market Share of Leading Providers
  • Jet Card Market Share of First Time Buyers by Leading Providers
  • % Considered But Didn’t Purchase by Leading Providers
  • % Conversion by Leading Providers (Sales, Renewals divided into Consideration)
  • Program Loyalty for Leading Providers (Renewals)
  • Interest in Fractional and Full Ownership


The results of this direct, first-person research with buyers of private aviation are presented in easy-to-read tables with clear graphics in a PDF format. There is limited commentary, enabling subscribers to make their own interpretations of the extensive data.

Additional Research:

Your subscription includes detailed results of the Private Jet Card Comparisons 2022 (Jan/Feb) Subscriber Survey tracking future usage, current service issues, program changes that may lead to switching, and the likelihood of changing providers.


After you purchase the report, a copy of The Jet Card Report 2021 will be delivered within three business days in PDF format via email.

Your Usage Rights:

All contents in this report are proprietary to Doug Gollan LLC. By purchasing this report you agree to non-disclosure of its contents. Your purchase provides you with the full report for the exclusive use of you and your company for internal purposes. You agree not to use any content for commercial purposes, including external marketing and sales presentations. Purchaser agrees that they are responsible that the contents are not disclosed, reproduced, copied, or shared beyond the internal use of the purchasing company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with questions or for information about paying via wire at doug.gollan@privatejetcardcomparisons.