The busiest and slowest private jet travel days in 2018

Why you should avoid peak days if you are using a jet card

Seven of the 10 busiest days for private jet flights were Thursdays

What are the busiest days for private jet flights? And which days have the fewest movements? According to a just released report by Argus TRAQPak, of the 10 busiest days for private flying during 2018 seven came on a Thursday, which was also the busiest day of the week averaging 9,968 flight.

NetJets, Flexjet top fractional share operators in 2018

Gulfstream G650

NetJets maintained its firm first place position while Flexjet posted stronger growth by an 8.4% to 0.1% margin last year

NetJets and Flexjet remained the two dominant players among fractional share operators in 2018, according to new research from Argus TRAQPak. The data shows that in 2018 NetJets, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, tallied 365,710 hours while Directional Aviation’s Flexjet flew 85,520 hours. In third place with 35,047 hours was Planesense followed by Directional Aviation’s Flight Options at 26,270 hours, Airshare with 18,408 hours, Airsprint Canada at 12,168 hours, Nicholas Air (10,449 hours) and Northern Jet Management (5,085 hours). Fractional operators flew 575,108 hours representing an increase of 4,977 hours over 2017.

NetJets reigned supreme with 64% marketshare

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