Airstream Jets Inc.: In addition to its Distance Card™ jet card, Boca Raton-based Airstream Jets offers on-demand charter, jet management, VIP airliner charters, sports team travel, air ambulance, aircraft acquisitions, and pilot/crew staffing. The company was founded in 2008.

Airstream Jets Elevator Pitch

For Elevator Pitch we asked jet card sellers to tell you in less than 300 words why you should choose their company. 

By Peter Maestrales, CEO, Airstream Jets

“The DISTANCE CARD is the only Private Jet Card Program to offer pricing based on mileage as opposed to time.

“At first glance it may not seem like a significant difference, but a closer look reveals how this innovative tweak to the fundamentals has led to a more versatile Jet Card that is superior to the competition in every way.

“All other Jet Card Programs utilize the outdated and flawed block-hours system in some form or another. As a result, Jet Cards have always been more about the convenience rather than real value or flexibility. In the past, the only way to achieve greater flexibility and value was through on-demand, aka, ad-hoc charter.

“We’ve challenged the status quo with the DISTANCE CARD and created a product with unparalleled flexibility and convenience at a superior value.

“How it works…

“DISTANCE CARD pricing is calculated using a simple formula based on a set, price-per-mile for each category of aircraft. In addition, rates are tiered so the cost-per-mile decreases as trip distance increases. The result is a more flexible Jet Card Program with pricing comparable to on-demand charters for short trips, as well as longer trips.

“The dynamic mileage-based pricing algorithm is 100% quantifiable. There are no hidden costs, and no surprises, as a result of this simple and transparent cost structure. Nearly all of our current cardholders have come from competitor programs and are now enjoying savings of no less than 15% and in some cases over 40%.

“Welcome to the new way to fly private! “

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