Why You Need To Consider Peak Day Policies When Buying A Jet Card

Lead Time for reservations and cancellations, hourly rate, and even availability to get a private jet can vary on Peak Days

A common way private jet companies get new customers is a referral. Some provide incentives, but most of the time it’s more birds of a feather flock together. Whether you already have your own aircraft and are looking for supplemental lift, fly the company jet on business but need a personal solution, are looking for a business travel solution or just want a better option than flying commercially to your vacation home, Jet Cards are many times the perfect solution. 

Are There Discounts For Roundtrip Travel By Private Jet, And How Do I Qualify?

The private aviation definition of a roundtrip is different than commercial airlines, but you can find discounts as high as 40%


When buying a jet card we always say it pays to do some homework upfront from a multitude of reasons. Some of it involves kicking the tires of the providers, comparing their standards for sourcing airplanes and flight crew, assessing who they are, how long they’ve been around and so forth. However, in making the best decision it really helps if you can as best possible map out the trips you expect to be taking, and yes, how many people are traveling, but also how long each trip is and if it includes multiple stops, the time between each flight segment. 

Can I Cancel My Private Jet Flight?

Cancellation policies between jet card companies vary, but either way, provide a more flexible approach to canceling than on-demand charter brokers


While most people think about flying when they think of private jets, plans change. With on-demand charter, your full payment may be taken as a cancellation fee, particularly during peak periods. In browsing an online broker’s website recently, virtually all of the best offers came with cancellation fees of 50% to 100% from the time of booking, even though the proposed trip was more than 30 days away. 

What Is Multiple Same Time Aircraft Access And When Does It Matter?

Multiple same time aircraft access might be an important factor when choosing the right jet card program.


Assuming is the enemy of finding the right jet card program for your needs. There is often an assumption from buyers, “Hey, I paid you $250,000, I feel like you should be giving me that.” And while most private jet providers will bend over backward to keep customers happy, each program is set-up with various policies and procedures, often rooted in the complicated and regulated arena of flying around tons of metal. In other words, it’s better to do some homework before you write the check.

5 Myths About Private Jet Card Membership Programs

If you assume that all jet card programs are similar, you are making a mistake. Here are some common misperceptions.


In a decade where private jet flying has had to gradually climb back to pre-2008 recession levels and delivery of new aircraft has yet to reach those historic heights, the number of jet card providers has more than doubled. Why? Jet cards provide an experience as close as you can get to whole or fractional aircraft ownership without the same financial or long-term commitment. It’s also easier than on-demand charter where each time you are comparing aircraft served up by your broker and then having to worry about ferry fees and if you are making late plans, wiring money, particularly on holidays. 

Private Jet Card Comparisons: Our First End-of-Year Message

Private jet card programs are the closest you can get to the experience of full or fractional ownership without the larger investment and long-term commitment


As we near the end of 2017, since the launch of Private Jet Card Comparisons in April, you are one of over 130,000 visitors who found us, and so here’s our first opportunity to say an end of the year thank you for coming. When I launched Private Jet Card Comparisons it was truly an accident. In trying to research a comprehensive story about buying private jet cards for Forbes.com, I found that there were many more players than you typically search up via a quick look at Google. 

Looking To Celebrate New Year’s Twice? Here’s How To Do It By Luxury Private Jet

Crystal AirCruises’ Crystal Skye is offering a double celebration for $19,999 per person


New Year’s seems to be very popular this year. Crystal AirCruises is the second private jet company to market a double celebration enabling you to celebrate the New Year not once, but twice on the same day. Its vehicle is Crystal Skye, its luxury Boeing 777-200LR with just 88 flatbed seats, a bar, lounge and private dining room. U.K. private jet broker PrivateFly previously announced a similar trip using a Gulfstream G650.