Charter Flight Group Overview

Year Founded2013
LeadershipJordan Brown, CEO
Angel Stanz, CTO
Ryan M. Sargent, VP, Operations
Kayla Marks, Director of Sourcing
HeadquartersBoca Raton, Florida
Jet Card Hourly RatesDynamic Pricing and Fixed-Rate Jet Card via The Jet Agency
Related ProductsOn-demand Charter
Related CompaniesJet Genius, Jet Exchange, The Jet Agency

Charter Flight Group was founded in 2013 by private aviation veteran Jordan Brown. It is part of Florida-based Jet Genius, which includes Jet Exchange,, and The Jet Agency.

It currently offers a fixed-rate jet card program via an affiliate company, The Jet Agency.

When was the company founded?


Who owns the Charter Flight Group?

The company is privately held. It is a subsidiary of Jet Genius

Who is the CEO?

Jordan Brown

How are their aircraft sourced?

Charter Flight Group is a broker

What are the initiation and membership fees?


What is the entry-level program?

It's current jet card is offered via The Agency

Does the Clear Jet Card Membership offer fixed or capped rate pricing?

The Jet Agency offers a fixed-rate jet card

What is the company website?           

Charter Flight Group

Where is the headquarters?

Boca Raton, FL

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