Dominion Charter Executive Overview

Year Founded2010
LeadershipC. Edward Moten, Chief Executive Officer
HeadquartersHouston, TX
Jet Card Hourly RatesLight jet roundtrip hourly rates from $3,813, including FET
Related ProductsOn-demand charterEmpty legs, Ground Transportation
Related CompaniesCalm Holdings

Dominion Charter, Ltd., is included in Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 50 jet card providers, enabling you to compare programs in minutes.

Dominion Charter combines a full-service concierge with a fixed rate, as available jet card program, including bundled packages that include ground transportation.

When was Dominion Charter founded?


Who owns Dominion Charter?

Dominion Charter is a subsidiary of Calm Holdings

Who is the CEO of Dominion Charter?

C. Edward Moten

Where is Dominion Charter headquarters?

Houston, TX

How many employees does Dominion Charter have?


What is the primary service area for Dominion Charter?

Dominion Charter’s service area is the Continental United States

Does Dominion Charter provide Guaranteed Availability?


What is the minimum age for children traveling alone on Dominion Charter?


What is the minimum lead-time for making a reservation with Dominion Charter?

Program customers hae as available access with 6 hours advance notice and 720 hours lead time for 33 peak days

What is Dominion Charter’s website?

Contact a Sales Executive at Dominion Charter

Latest Dominion Charter News

The latest news and updates from Dominion Charter:


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