Most jet card companies charge you the same rate regardless of where you fly, what airports you use, how much bookings notice you give, and how long you stay. So, if you fly from New York to Florida for a weekend and you book three days in advance, you pay the same rate as someone who takes a two-week trip from Idaho to Mississippi and booked on 10 hours notice. Because of this, rates are inflated in order to subsidize the high cost of those who book last-minute flights or fly to or from remote regions. JET ALGO utilizes proprietary algorithms to create a pricing model based on your logistical profile. The result is a price structure based on when and where you fly, not someone else.


Jet Algo Executive Overview


When was Jet Algo founded?
1995 as Skyways, Ltd.


Who owns Jet Algo?


Who is the CEO of Jet Algo?
Tanyika Sims is Chief Operating Officer


How are Jet Algo’s aircraft sourced?
Jet Algo is a broker sourcing aircraft from charter operators


What are Jet Algo’s initiation and membership fees?
Monthly is $1,000 which is credited to flights


What is Jet Algo’s entry-level program?
Deposit amount is based on your customized program


Does Jet Algo provide guaranteed availability?


Is the hourly rate guaranteed?
Yes, as well as fixed rates by route on a custom basis


Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?


What is the company website?   


Where is Jet Algo’s headquarters?
Morristown, New Jersey


Contact a Sales Executive at Jet Algo


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