Jet It Overview

Year Founded2018
LeadershipGlenn Gonzales, Founder, CEO
Vishal Hiremath, Founder, President
Chris Crawford, Chief Operating Officer
Henry Kim, Chief Commercial Officer
Dr. Akir Khan, VP of Strategy
Duncan Jones, VP of Sales
HeadquartersGreensboro, North Carolina
Fractional Ownership AircraftHondaJet HA-420, Gulfstream G150, Phenom 300
Related ProductsOn-demand charter
Related CompaniesJetClub, Jet It Canada, Jet It Europe

Greensboro, North Carolina-based Jet It offers fractional ownership in the HondaJet very light jet and Phenom 300 using a by-the-days format.

Fractional owners can use their shares for multiple flights on the same day, including waiting time.

Shares start at 25 days per year.

Since launching in 2018, the company has expanded to Canada and Europe using HondaJet.

In 2021, it added the Gulfstream G150 providing owners with a transcontinental option.

In October 2022, it said it would transition to the Phenom 300 as its fractional ownership platform.

The company was founded by CEO Glenn Gonzalez, a former executive with Honda Aircraft Company and a demonstration pilot with Gulfstream Aerospace.

Jet It Fleet

Aircraft Type Number in Fleet
HondaJet HA-42024
Gulfstream G1502
Phenom 3002

Jet It News

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