LunaJets is a broker based, dynamic pricing program focused on the best price, the best flexibility – no minimum notice, any plane anywhere, pay as you fly, and the best service (recent planes, top operators, flight monitoring). LunaJets invests heavily in technology to allow professional sales agents to offer a streamlined, stress-free booking experience.  The same agent will then monitor all operations and movements on the day of the flight, keeping passengers up-to-date. The LunaCard, launched in 2012, offers clients the guarantee of flying at the best price, eliminating administration and red-tape.  Funds are held separately at UBS bank, never expire, and are refunded at any time.  Flights can be booked in less than two hours. LunaJets was named Best Employer of Switzerland by Bilan Magazine in April 2018.

LunaJets Executive Overview

When was LunaJets founded?

Who owns LunaJets?

Who is the CEO of LunaJets?
Eymeric Segard

How are LunaJets aircraft sourced?

What are LunaJets’ initiation and membership fees?

What is LunaJets’ entry-level program?
Deposit is based on flying needs

Does LunaJets provide guaranteed availability?
As little as one hour based on dynamic pricing

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?

What is the company website?

Where is LunaJets’ headquarters?
Geneva, Switzerland

Contact a LunaJets sales rep

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