All of Quantum Jets jet card programs are specifically tailored to the flight profile of either you or your company’s specific needs. Formed by a group of private jet charter operators, Quantum answers what most brokers were missing: actual hands-on experience with dispatching, maintaining and managing a fleet of jets. Its hybrid perspective gives its team, and in turn its clients, a competitive edge.


Quantum Jets Executive Overview


When was Quantum Jets founded?


Who owns Quantum Jets?


Who is the CEO of Quantum Jets?
Michael J. Ogulnik


How are Quantum Jets’ aircraft sourced?
Charter operators


What are Quantum Jets’ initiation and membership fees?


What is Quantum Jets’ entry-level program?
25 hours for $127,900 on a light jet


Does Quantum Jets provide guaranteed availability?


Is the hourly rate guaranteed?


Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?


What is the company website?   


Where is Quantum Jets’ headquarters?
Long Beach, CA


Contact a Sales Executive at Quantum Jets




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