StraightLine is a new entrant in the jet card field, the brainchild of Exclusive Resorts co-founder Tom Filippini. The company provides service in the Continental U.S. and claims to offer less expensive solutions while maintaining service standards.

Straightline Private Air Elevator Pitch

For Elevator Pitch we asked jet card sellers to tell you in less than 300 words why you should choose their company. 

By Tom Filippini, CEO, Straightline Private Air

“StraightLine offers a unique low-cost, high-touch on-demand private aviation service for a members-only community of like-minded travelers.

“The Company occupies a unique niche by providing access to underutilized aircraft with dramatically lower operational costs than those found in traditional programs.  Members fly aboard aircraft operated by vetted, best-in-class operators based throughout North America.

“Members enjoy a broad selection of aircraft types (primarily focused on modern pistons, turboprops, very light & light jets) to match the specific requirements of each trip, rather than incurring the expense & limitations of a fixed fleet as with other programs.

“How It Works: Members join by pre-purchasing flight time in $50,000 increments predicated on their anticipated flight needs. 100% of funds are used for flights; there are no membership fees or dues. For each trip, members select the most appropriate aircraft; flight costs are deducted per trip.

“Cost-Effective Aircraft Focus: Cost-effective modern pistons, turboprops, very light and light jets. All other aircraft categories – from helicopters to VIP airliners – available on request.

“Aircraft Located Throughout North America: Members gain convenient access to aircraft anywhere in North America as planes are strategically distributed geographically. This provides convenience, while reducing or eliminating repositioning costs.

“5-Star Service: StraightLine is the highly personalized alternative to the call-center service approach of other programs.  We develop a personal relationship with each of our members to anticipate their needs. Our individually-assigned Member Flight Ambassadors suggest cost-saving strategies such as combining commercial flights with private flights, indexing frequent routes to identify discounted “empty legs” and advising on the best aircraft & routing for each trip.

“StraightLine’s mission is not to be the biggest private aviation program, but to serve a select group of members that appreciate our high-touch, strategic approach to reducing the cost and amplifying the enjoyment of flying private.”

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