5 Myths About Private Jet Card Membership Programs

If you assume that all jet card programs are similar, you are making a mistake. Here are some common misperceptions.


In a decade where private jet flying has had to gradually climb back to pre-2008 recession levels and delivery of new aircraft has yet to reach those historic heights, the number of jet card providers has more than doubled. Why? Jet cards provide an experience as close as you can get to whole or fractional aircraft ownership without the same financial or long-term commitment. It’s also easier than on-demand charter where each time you are comparing aircraft served up by your broker and then having to worry about ferry fees and if you are making late plans, wiring money, particularly on holidays. 

What Companies Sell Private Jet Card Memberships?

While private aviation has struggled to get back to pre-Recession levels, the number of companies selling Jet Cards has doubled

Since the Great Recession of 2008 private aviation has struggled. Flight hours dropped significantly and now just a decade later are returning to levels equal to before the financial meltdown. Orders and deliveries of new private jets still haven’t recovered, yet one area of private aviation has been growings – Jet Card Memberships. 

How To Find Your True Hourly Rate When Choosing A Jet Card Program

Jet Card Membership Programs provide users convenience when they fly privately, but finding the true hourly rate you will be paying often takes a bit of work

You ask your assistant to go to a few private jet card membership websites and check out the hourly rates. She follows your instructions and puts them in a comparison chart for you. That was easy! Then you join. You get your first invoice, and shock, the prices you are paying have nothing to do with the rates on the website. It reminds you of that $29 per day car rental that ended up costing you $79. 

Air Partner, Camper & Nicholsons Partner To Offer Private Jet, Superyacht Packages

The private jet card membership seller and broker of superyachts are partnering to offer pricing that covers private jet travel and a one-week yacht charter


Birds of a feather flock together, or in this case float and fly together. Jet card seller Air Partner is teaming with superyacht broker Camper & Nicholsons to offer new “Sky to Sea” packages, including private jet travel and a yacht charter for one week. 

Air Partner Says Interest In Private Jet Travel Growing

The Caribbean, Hamptons, Ibiza, Palma and Nice were the hottest private jet destinations during the summer


Against a background of double-digit growth in private jet charter, Air Partner PLC said private jet inquiries spiked 53% during the summer compared to last year driven by the U.S. and U.K. Reasons for flying ranged from family holidays and business trips to sporting, film and music events. 

Air Partner CEO Sells 179,935 Shares Amid Continued Buy Ratings

Air Partner is one of the few jet card sellers that is publicly traded. Its 10-hour cards start at $47,000.


Mark Briffa, the long-serving CEO of Air Partner plc, sold 179,935 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction on Wednesday, October 18th. The shares were sold at an average price of GBX 132 ($1.74), for a total transaction of £237,514.20 ($313,425.97). 

JET CARD INSIDER: At Air Partner, Flexibility And Guaranteed Rates For Europe, CIS and the Middle East Are Core Strengths

Air Partner is one of the few jet card sellers that is publicly traded


The one thing I’ve found about jet cards is while there are some similarities and many differences in terms of service areas, program features, rules and regulations, fees and so forth, one of the biggest differentiators is the company selling the jet card. The sellers range from boutique brokers with under 10 employees to subsidiaries of publicly traded companies such Delta Private Jets, Jet Aviation (General Dynamics) or NetJets (Berkshire Hathaway). Most, however, are privately held. Air Partner is rare in that it is publicly traded (in the U.K.) so its financial health is in full view, something we like. The flip side is there is no escrow option.