Wheels Up’s Heltebran named to Women Leading Travel & Hospitality

Wheels Up

Wheels Up Experience Chief Legal Officer Laura Heltebran is adding an Advisory Board role at Women Leading Travel & Hospitality to her duties.

Wheels Up partners with Delta Air Lines to increase the pilot pipeline

Delta Air Lines Wheels Up

Pilots in Delta’s Propel program will be able to log hours at Wheels Up as a path to future employment with the leading airline

Wheels Up is partnering with minority owner Delta Air Lines to increase its pipeline of pilots.

Wheels Up debuts hurricane evacuation services

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With the hurricane season coming, Wheels Up is highlighting its emergency services arm Kenyon International Emergency Services

A byproduct of Wheels Up’s recent acquisition of U.K.-based Air Partner is several new business segments. One focuses on emergency services, which includes hurricane evacuation planning for companies, governments, and UHNWs.

International private jet charter supply could be helped by end of U.S. Covid testing

a medical professional swabbing a patient

The requirements for Covid testing implemented in January 2021 led to private jet owners restricting international charter flights

The supply of private jets for flights outside the U.S. could see some relief as the United States drops its requirement for Covid-19 testing for international air arrivals.

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