Air Partner says a $4.7 million accounting error has no impact on operations

The U.K.-based broker sells jet cards with service areas in North America, Europe and the Middle East


Air Partner, which has an attractive broker jet card program starting at just 10 hours with guaranteed availability and fixed one-way rates in North America, Europe and the Middle East said its operations and services are not impacted by an accounted error thought to total about $4.7 million. It also expects to be able to continue paying share dividends.

Why buying a jet card is not just about hourly rate

Private Jet Card Comparisons has compiled over 65 variables from more than 35 jet card providers covering over 250 programs and put it all into easy-to-use spreadsheets


Imagine having to contact 35 different companies and requesting detailed answers about program policies and fees that go beyond the marketing collateral most send out, then having to put it into spreadsheets so you can compare the offerings. Private Jet Card Comparisons has done it for you with more than 250 programs, each with different offerings, all in one place to make comparing easy for you. 

Private Jet Card Comparisons celebrates its 1st anniversary as the only independent buyer’s guide to jet card programs

Comparing more than 250 jet card programs across 65+ variables, Private Jet Card Comparisons puts over 1,000 hours of our research at your fingertips


As Private Jet Card Comparisons completes its first year of operations, I wanted to take a moment to thank our team, the over 35 jet card companies who endorse transparency and consumer power by providing the detailed information we request about their programs we then format and provide to you, and of course your readership and the positive feedback you’ve generously given us. 

Should I Buy A Private Jet Card?

Jet Cards now start at 10 hours, go up to over 100 hours, and include turboprops to ultra-long-range private jets


Buying a Jet Card can be a significant expense running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Of course, it is less than fractional or full ownership, and you don’t have the same long-term commitment. Buying a Jet Card also frees you up from the time-consuming process of on-demand charter where for every trip you are likely dealing with multiple brokers, examining aircraft profiles, reviewing pricing, including all of the extras, many which are covered by various card programs and so forth. On departures day, if something happens, you need to hope your broker can find some type of backup if something goes wrong, and then you probably have to figure out last minute transfer of funds to the new operator. 

Air Partner Stock Gets A Buy Rating

The U.K.-based Jet Card seller is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange


According to a report from business journals, Liberum Capital upgraded shares of Air Partner (LON:AIR) to a buy rating in a report published late last month. Liberum Capital currently has GBX 165 price target on the private aviation stock, up from their previous price target of GBX 150.