North American private jet flight activity drops 3% in February

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Year-over-year private jet flying in February was down 3% from 2022 but still 12.6% ahead of 2020

Private jet flight activity continues its slide, according to the latest analysis from Argus TraqPak.

January private jet flight activity increases by 1.3% year-over-year

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Private jet flight activity in North America showed “signs of stability,” according to Argus TraqPak’s January report

The North American market reported a 1.3% yearly increase in activity from January 2022 and remained up 14.4% from January 2020, according to Argus TraqPak.

Argus TraqPak projects a 1% decline in 2023 private jet flight activity

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Despite a dip in 2023, private jet flying in the U.S. should be 14.4% higher than 2019’s pre-Covid totals

Argus TraqPak analysts are forecasting U.S. private jet flight activity will slide by 1% in 2023 compared to 2022.

Argus predicts 2.3% January gain in private jet flight activity

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After a 3.8% dip in private jet flight activity during the second half of 2022, Argus TraqPak expects North American flying to increase by 2.3% this month

Argus TraqPak’s December report and January forecast will again create some discussion regarding how full the glass is in private aviation.

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