Argus predicts 14% private jet flight activity growth in May after 16.7% jump in April

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Argus TraqPak is predicting private jet flight activity growth this month after April flight hours increased by 16.7%

Argus TraqPak’s analysis of April 2022 flight hours compared to 2021 indicates a gain of 16.7%.

Argus predicts 21.7% February growth in private jet flights

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Argus predicts 21.7% February growth in private jet flights

While North American private flights in January slowed down from December, they were still well ahead of previous highs. What’s more, Argus Traqpak sees no letup.

Private jet flights set December record with 43% gain

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With Omicron not slowing growth last month, January private jet flights in North America are expected to jump 38%, according to Argus TraqPak

Argus TraqPak’s review of year-over-year flight activity (December 2021 vs. December 2020) indicates that last month reported a yearly gain of 36.7%. Flight activity increased 16.5% when compared to December 2019.

Large cabin charter, jet card flights up 80% in November

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Large cabin private jet flights increased 72.9% leading a 45% gain compared to 2020 and setting a record for November

North American private jet flights set a record for November with over 300,000 flights, and November 28th became the busiest day in the history of private jet flying with over 13,000 flights.

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