Argus forecast: May private jet flying to drop 2.4% after a 7.7% decrease in April


A 38.7% increase in fractional turboprop activity powered the segment to gains, counter to overall private jet flight activity, Argus says

Argus TraqPak analysts forecast a 2.4% decrease in overall North American flight activity year over year in May 2023.

2023’s Kentucky Derby saw over 900 private jets

Kentucky Derby

Argus TraqPak reports the Kentucky Derby accounts for 8.5% of the region’s annual private jet flights

They were flying in for the roses in Louisville, Kentucky, over the weekend, for the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Is there a doctor on board? How private jet inflight medical emergencies work

What happens if you have a heart attack aboard a private jet? Here’s what you need to know about medical emergencies up in the air

American Express President Ed Gilligan was just 55 in 2015 when he had an inflight medical emergency flying aboard a company private jet.

Argus TraqPak expects April private jet flight activity to drop 8.9% year-over-year


North American private jet flights dropped 5.8% in March compared to 2023 as fractional operators bucked the trend

Fractional operators saw a 6.4% increase in North American private jet flight activity during March, bucking the trend.

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