These Jet Cards have the lowest peak day surcharges

private jet in snow

Busy travel days don’t always mean big surcharges. With the number of peak days at record highs, these programs have premiums of 5% or less

With the average number of Peak Days at 55.7 days as of Q4 2022, there is a higher chance than ever you won’t be able to avoid them, although here’s our list of jet cards with the fewest peak days.

OneFlight launches new jet card membership option


OneFlight’s JetCard Membership 2.0 is a $100,000 deposit and is being offered for a limited time

Denver-based jet card seller OneFlight International, known for its celebrity-laden BAJIT television commercials, has launched a new promotional jet card program.

OneFlight International retools BAJit jet card membership

OneFlight Bajit

Jet card broker OneFlight Internationals is dropping its variable economic surcharge and changing membership fees

OneFlight International is dropping the Economic Adjustment Fee for its BAJit jet card program.

OneFlight launches Apple, Android BAJit app for on-demand charter bookings

OneFlight Bajit

Jet card broker OneFlight International has added a BAJit app that offers confirmed pricing, instant on-demand booking on both the Apple and Android platforms

OneFlight International, Inc. launched the Book a Jet (BAJit) application today, a mobile platform designed to search securely, select, and book private aircraft for on-demand charter.

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