OneFlight offers a 5-hour trial jet trial card

John Elway BAJit

Jet card broker OneFlight International is offering 40 starter jet cards priced at $30,000 and good for one roundtrip

OneFlight International is again promoting a trial jet card targeting new members.

OneFlight increases minimums; adds surcharges

Private jet charter costs to Las Vegas

Denver-based OneFlight International is increasing minimums for light and midsize jets and adding an ‘Economic Adjustment Fee’

Jet card broker OneFlight International is the latest membership program to cite global turmoil in changing its program.

OneFlight launches limited $25,000 BAJit memberships

John Elway BAJit

New joiners can use up to $25,000 in funds at OneFlight member rates without having to pay the normal fees

Jet card broker OneFlight International is offering a limited introductory membership for first-time customers.

John Elway joins jet card seller OneFlight as brand ambassador

John Elway OneFlight

Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway to joins Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec as a OneFlight ambassador

OneFlight International, Inc. has appointed John Elway as a brand ambassador for the jet card and charter brokerage.

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