Why You Need To Consider Peak Day Policies When Buying A Jet Card

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Lead Time for reservations and cancellations, hourly rate, and even availability to get a private jet can vary on Peak Days

A common way private jet companies get new customers is a referral. Some provide incentives, but most of the time it’s more birds of a feather flock together. Whether you already have your own aircraft and are looking for supplemental lift, fly the company jet on business but need a personal solution, are looking for a business travel solution or just want a better option than flying commercially to your vacation home, Jet Cards are many times the perfect solution. 

6. Jet Card Travel Planning Details

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Compare jet card reservation and cancellation deadlines, peak days, blackout days, upgrade and downgrade policies, and interchange fees

What’s the minimum lead-time for booking your jet card flights – both for peak and non-peak days? How many peak days does the program have? Compare peak day calendars. Are there blackout dates? Can you reserve more than one aircraft simultaneously at your contracted hourly rate? What are the peak and non-peak cancelation deadlines? Can you upgrade or downgrade aircraft size to match your trip needs? Are there any interchange fees to upgrade or downgrade? Find out why you should subscribe.

  • Non-Peak Reservations Lead Time
  • Peak Day Reservations Lead Time
  • Number of Peak Days
  • 2021 Peak Days Calendars
  • Blackout Dates
  • Multiple Same Day Aircraft Access at Contracted Rate
  • Non-Peak Cancellation Deadline
  • Peak Day Cancellation Deadline
  • Cancellation Policy Details
  • Guaranteed Upgrade/Downgrade Policy
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Interchange Fees
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Policy Details

Companies Profiled:  

Compare Able American Jets; AeroVanti; Air Charter Service; Air Partner; Airshare (formerly Executie Airshare); Airstream Jets Inc.; Ajax Jets; Alliance Aviation; Amalfi Jets; Clay Lacy Aviation; Concord Private Jet; Delta Private Jets, Inc (now Wheels Up).; Dominion Charter, Ltd.; Dreamline Aviation, Dumont Aviation; Elite Jets Charters; Executive Jet Management; Exec 1 Aviation (formerly DashJet); ExpertJet; Flexjet; Fly Aeolus; FlyExclusive; FXAIR; GlobeAir; GrandView Aviation; Hopscotch Air; International Jet; Jet Algo; Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.; Jet Edge; Jet Linx Aviation; Jetlogic Ltd.; Jet the World; JetSet Group; Jets.com; Jettly; LunaJets SA; Luxury Aircraft Solutions; Magellan Jets; Netjets (including Marquis Jet); Nicholas Air; Northern Jet Management; ONEFlight International; Outlier Jets; Paramount Business Jets; Priester Aviation; Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group); PrivateFly; Prive Jets; Qatar Executive; Quantum Jets; Sentient Jet; Silverhawk Aviation; Solairus Aviation; Starflight Aviation; Star Jets International LLC; StraightLine Private Air; Stratos Jet Charters; Tradewind Aviation; Unity Jets; Vault Jet; Velocity Jets; VeriJet; VistaJet; Wheels Up, and XO (formerly XOJET and JetSmarter).

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