The best private jets of 2021 revealed


Gulfstream, Textron, and Embraer topped the list of preferred private jets, according to a just-released survey of Business Jet Traveler readers

Gulfstream Aerospace, Textron Aviation, and Embraer Executive Jets each topped two categories in the just-released 11th annual survey of Business Jet Traveler readers.

Cessna Citation Latitude

Citation Latitude

Citation Latitude profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership and jet card options

Cessna Citation Latitude Facts

This small Super Midsize or large Midsize private jet brings a flat floor cabin and a height of 6 feet. It has become a core type for NetJets, which took delivery of its 100th in July 2019. It is typically compared to Embraer’s Legacy 450, or now the Praetor 500.

The Citation Latitude is still popular and can be found in the fleets of NetJets and Nicholas Air, and via jet cards from Nicholas Air and ONEFlight International.

On the used market, listed Citation Latitudes can be found starting at $13 million.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start: 2015

Production Ends: Ongoing

Cabin Category

Super Midsize although at a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 30,800 lbs. NetJets categorizes the Citation Latitude as a midsize jet.

Fleet Size

As of December 2019, Amstat lists 139 Citation Latitudes in service, 100 are with NetJets

Citation Latitude Cabin Size and Passengers

Citation Latitude
A Citation Latitude in NetJets seven-seat configuration

Height: 6.0 feet

Width: 6.42 feet

Length: 21.08 feet

Seating Capacity: 8


Full: 2,455 nautical miles

Four Passengers: 2,879 nautical miles


Normal Cruise Speed: 494 mph

Maximum Cruise Speed: 428 mph

Baggage Space

100 cubic feet exterior space

27 cubic feet of interior space


Fractional Ownership – Yes

Dedicated Jet Card – Yes


New price is approximately $17 million

Other Cessna models currently in production

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Citation Longitude

Citation Longitude+

Citation XLS+

Citation CJ4

Citation CJ3+

Citation M2

Is NetJets worth the price?

NetJets may be ubiquitous with the concept of fractional ownership, and by far the dominant player in the market, but the big question remains, is the unit of Berkshire Hathaway worth a premium?

(Updated April 23, 2022) – There’s no question NetJets is the biggest player in the private aviation sector, three times bigger than Directional Aviation’s Flexjet, the second-largest player. It’s also one of the most purchased programs by the over 3,000 subscribers to Private Jet Card Comparisons. And since I get to talk to you every day, it’s safe to say I have more day-in-day-out contact with private aviation consumers than any other journalist. And if there is one company that comes up more than others, it’s NetJets.

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