NetJets adds the Citation Latitude, Challenger 350 and 650 to jet card line-up

NetJets cost

The new private jets replace previous offerings for the Falcon 2000 and Citation X

Last month we reported NetJets restructured its jet card program eliminating fuel surcharges and cutting prices.

It also added jet cards with the Cessna Citation Latitude and Bombardier’s Challenger 350 and 650 in its Classic Card (nee Marquis Jet) and Elite Card formats.

Cessna Citation Sovereign

Cessna Citation Sovereign

Citation Sovereign and Sovereign + profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership and jet card options

Cessna Citation Sovereign and Sovereign + Facts

This small Super Midsize or large Midsize private jet brings a transcontinental range and height of 5.7 feet. It is a core type for NetJets which has 38 in its fleet.

The Citation Sovereign be found in the fleets of NetJets and ONEFlight International for jet cards.

On the used market, listed Citation Latitudes can be found starting at $5.2 million.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start: 2004; 2013 for Sovereign +

Production Ends: 2013 for Sovereign; Sovereign + in current production

Cabin Category

Super Midsize although at a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 30,300 lbs also on the upper cusp of Midsize. NetJets categorizes the Citation Sovereign as a midsize jet.

Citation Sovereign Fleet Size

As of September, Amstat lists 528 Citation Sovereign’s in service

Citation Sovereign Cabin Size and Passengers

Cessna Citation Sovereign cabin layout
A Cessna Citation Sovereign in NetJets’ eight-seat layout

Height: 5.7 feet

Width: 5.5 feet

Length: 24.2 feet

Seating Capacity: 8


Full: 2,620 nautical miles

Four Passengers: 3,010 nautical miles


High-Speed Cruise: 495 mph

Baggage Space

100 cubic feet exterior space and 35 cubic feet of interior space


Fractional Ownership – Yes

Dedicated Jet Card – Yes


New price is approximately $18 million

Other Cessna models currently in production

Compare over 150 private jet models in the Private Jet Performance Guide.

Citation Longitude

Citation Latitude

Citation XLS+

Citation CJ4

Citation CJ3+

Citation M2

NetJets adds Phenom 300, Citation Sovereign jet cards

Phenom 300 Citation Sovereign

The new NetJets jet cards give it a true light jet and another coast-to-coast option

Private Jet Comparisons has exclusively confirmed NetJets has added the Embraer Phenom 300 light jet (as we reported it would last year) and Cessna Citation Sovereign super-midsize jet to its jet card line-up, although at just over 30,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight it is classifying it as a midsize aircraft.

Both will be sold as Elite Card programs, meaning 24-hour lead-time for reservations with the hourly price including fuel, 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, and deicing. Peak day lead-time is 120 hours with a 25% surcharge.

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