Delta Private Jets’ jet card sale offers over $30,000 in perks

Delta Private Jets

Jet card buyers can earn bonuses of more than 12% between extra funds, free nights at Exclusive Resorts, Apple computers, and more

On the heels of its Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale for its Sky Access empty leg program, Delta Private Jets is rolling out several significant promotions targeting regular jet card users. The deals are all valid through the end of December.

Jet Card Insider: Why Delta Private Jets is a program you should know about

Delta Private Jets

From its humble start, like its parent in the commercial segment, Delta Private Jets is now a power player in jet cards

I’m surprised how many subscribers, virtually all who currently fly privately aren’t familiar with Delta Private Jets, didn’t know they sell jet cards or had some other misperception. It could be that while it’s an asset to trade on such a powerful brand as Delta, it also makes it harder to make a name for yourself and stand apart from the mother ship.

Delta Private Jets, Inc.

Delta Private Jets

Delta Private Jets, Inc.: Delta Private Jets, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wheels Up Group as of January 2020. The company is based at the Wheels Up Jet Center at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Erlanger, Kentucky. Delta Air Lines, after the transaction, is the largest shareholder of Wheels Up Group. Its programs have now been merged into Wheels Up

About Delta Private Jets

 When was the company founded?

Who owns Delta Private Jets?
Wheels Up Group. Delta Air Lines is the largest single shareholder, with a 26% interest which will go to 20% after the Wheels Up IPO.

Who is the CEO of Delta Private Jets?
Rex Bevis is President of Delta Private Jets. Kenny Dichter is CEO of Wheel Up, its parent company.

How are aircraft sourced?
Aircraft Delta Private Jets manages for their owners, and the Wheels Up managed fleet, plus approved charter operators

What are Delta Private Jets’ initiation and membership fees?
The Wheels Up program starts at $2,950

What is its entry-level program?
Delta Private Jets is now selling the Wheels Up programs, with Connect membership starting at $2,950

Does Delta Private Jets provide guaranteed availability?

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?
Yes, except for Peak Days

What is the company website?

Where is Delta Private Jets’ headquarters?
Erlanger, KY with Wheels Up headquarters in New York City, NY

Latest Delta Private Jets News

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