Why Escrow Is An Important Option To Consider When Buying A Jet Card

In this Guest Column, Private Jet Card Comparisons has asked James D. Butler, CEO of Shaircraft Solutions LLC to discuss why you should know the differences between fraction and charter jet cards. The following was provided by Mr. Butler and is presented in its entirety.

A common aspect of almost any jet card program is that you pay the jet card company up front for essentially all of your flight costs. In return, you get a “promise” of certain flight time, services, etc. In some cases, you’ll have one year, two years, or more to use the funds on account, but during that time, the jet card company enjoys use of those funds. 

JetSmarter Named In Class Action Lawsuit As Its CEO Sergey Petrossov Claims Profitability

JetSmarter has been named in a class action lawsuit filed June 20 in the Southern District Court of Florida. It marks yet another challenge for the Ft. Lauderdale-based private jet membership program that shot into the spotlight with flashy celebrity marketing, including a tweet from Kim Kardashian. 

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