Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 38

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Florida private jet flights surge 6% week-to-week ahead of Hurricane Ian as global private jet flight activity treads water

Worldwide private jet flight activity inched up one-tenth of one percent week-to-week with 75,499 departures, staying below the 52-week high of 78,406 flights.

Argus expects private jet flying to stay 15-20% above pre-Covid levels

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In a report covering the first half of 2022, Argus Traqpak analysts say despite slowing growth, private jet flight activity will finish the year up to 20% ahead of 2019 levels

Despite “cooling,” private jet flight activity will end 2022 up some 15-20% ahead of 2019 pre-Covid pandemic levels, according to Argus Traqpak analysts.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2021 – Week 38

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Business aviation flight activity for the past week, past four weeks, globally, for North America, U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia

Global private jet flights increased 3% week-over-week and are up 16% versus 2019 levels for the week ended Sept. 26, 2021, week 38 of the year.

August private jet flight activity continues spiking to record levels

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In the latest updates from WingX and Tuvoli, private aviation flying continues to spike to historic levels

If you work in private aviation, chances are you are weary of the record demand. The latest reports from WingX and Tuvoli indicate you won’t be getting any rest soon.

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