Jet Linx unveils growth plans amid layoffs

Jet Linx Aviation

The new CEO of Jet Linx says plans call for tripling fleet size and a more streamlined organizational structure

The new CEO of Jet Linx Aviation, Brent Wouters, says the jet card and management company is fine-tuning staffing levels, readying for an ambitious growth plan that will see it expand beyond its current 20 base locations and increase revenues significantly.

Jet Linx names ex-Cirrus Aircraft boss Wouters as CEO

Scott Wouters, Jamie Walker

Management and jet card provider Jet Linx Aviation has named Brent Wouters as CEO with plans to double its fleet

Jet Linx CEO Jamie Walker is stepping into the Chairman slot, and Brent Wouters (pictured left) joins the Omaha-based private jet flight provider as its chief executive.

Jet Linx boosts aircraft management

Jet Linx Aviation

Management and jet card provider Jet Linx Aviation is bolstering its executive team

Jet Linx Aviation has appointed Mark Fischer and Chris Curtin as Vice Presidents of Regional Aircraft Management Sales.

Jet Linx adds new pilot pathway program

Jet Linx Aviation

Against a continuing shortage of pilots, Jet Linx is stepping up incentives for its folks who fly the airplanes

Jet card and management provider Jet Linx Aviation announced the launch of its new Time & Tenure Career Pathway for pilots.

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