Could a Jet Card have saved Credit Suisse boss Horta-Osório?

Credit Suisse

Paying for empty private jet flights was apparently a breaking point to oust Credit Suisse chairman António Horta-Osório

“Empty private jet flights hastened Credit Suisse Chairman António Horta-Osório’s downfall,” crowed a headline in The Wall Street Journal.

Coronavirus Emergency Planning: Should you buy a Jet Card now?

Private Jet travel trends - July 2020 July 201

Jet cards that offer fixed rates and guaranteed availability can be handy in a crisis

– With airlines already reducing flights, access to private aviation could be critical to both your business and family

During natural disasters, particularly before and after hurricanes, we’ve seen again and again how access to private jets can literally be a lifesaver.

However, if private jet access can be a lifeboat, like when the Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk, when everyone needs a private jet at the same time, capacity isn’t always there.

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