Jet Card Pricing: These 19 factors will impact how much you pay to fly privately

Once you buy a jet card, flying is as easy as one call or even booking online, but figuring out jet card pricing is another matter

The number of jet card providers has more than doubled over the past decade in part because jet card memberships are an easier way to access the charter market. Via fractional jet card programs and owned fleet operators, you can get a consistent experience flying the same aircraft type in like configurations previously only available via committing to five-year share contracts or owning your own aircraft. It’s no longer one size fits all with programs that start at five hours and ranging up to 100 hours. And it’s not just fixed one-way rates, but now there are now jet cards that use dynamic pricing. There are even programs where you can get both a fixed one-way rate with guaranteed availability and dynamic pricing where with the goal of beating your fixed rate, so in other words, your fixed rate is a ceiling price – you won’t go higher and you might go lower. 

Executive Compensation: What extra fees will Georgia head football coach Kirby Smart find when he starts using his jet card

Jet cards are the Uber of private jet travel, however, programs vary in which fees they include and which are extra


Kirby Smart has a new seven-year $49 million contract to continue as head football coach at the University of Georgia which is happy after he led the Bulldogs to the NCAA title game in January. Their last championship was 1980 so fans and administrators are obviously delighted they are once again at the doorstep of glory. 

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