The future of Jet Cards: You can’t always get what you want

Barbarians at the Gate

Jet cards 2.0: As Mick Jagger advises, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need”

Barring some calamity that sends demand for private jet travel into a downward spiral, jet cards and memberships will look very different. You already see the ghost of jet cards’ future via recent changes.

2. Jet Card Product Overview and Pricing

Data for all of the jet card products offered by 50+ companies covered in a single spreadsheet

Compare jet cards by type of pricing used, cabin size, specific aircraft options, minimum seat guarantees, and more. Our exclusive QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING calculator enables you to compare flight pricing head-to-head for peak day and non-peak travel.

Our flight pricing tool considers published rates, taxes, peak day surcharges, daily minimum, taxi time, deicing expense, and fuel surcharges. It even amortizes membership fees into your flight cost, enabling you to understand what you will actually pay.

You can also compare program structure – how it’s sold – hours or deposit amount, as well as pay-as-you-go options. Also, see how the program sources its aircraft, age guarantees, fixed-rate service areas, destinations subject to surcharges, and surcharge amounts. Find out why you should subscribe.

  • Jet card name
  • Pricing – Fixed Rate or Dynamic
  • Aircraft Cabin Sizes (Turboprop, Very Light Jet, Light Jet, Midsize Jets, Super Midsize Jets, Large Cabin Jets, Ultra Long-Haul Jets)
  • Aircraft Type Specific Program (over 75 types)
  • Minimum Seat Guarantees
  • Program Denominations in Dollars
  • Program Denominations Hours
  • Other Denominations
  • Provider published Hourly Rates
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Taxes
  • Hourly Rates including FET and Fuel Surcharges
  • Hourly Rates including Peak Day Surcharges
  • Hourly Rates factoring Roundtrip Discounts
  • QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING Calculator for Non-Peak Days
  • QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING Calculator for Peak Days
  • Fixed-Rate Service Area
  • Availability of Fixed Rates to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Transatlantic, Europe and US
  • Destinations with Surcharges
  • Aircraft Sourcing
  • Aircraft Age Guarantees

Companies Profiled:

Compare private charter and jet card memberships from Able American JetsAeroVantiAir Charter ServiceAir PartnerAirshareAirstream JetsAjax JetsAlliance AviationAmalfi JetsCharter Flight Compare private charter and jet card memberships from Able American Jets; AeroVanti; Air Charter Service; Air Partner; Airshare; Airstream Jets; Ajax Jets; Alliance Aviation; Amalfi Jets; Charter Flight Group; Clay Lacy Aviation; Concord Private Jet; Dominion Charter, Ltd.; Dreamline Aviation; Dumont Aviation; Elite Jets; Executive Jet Management; Exec 1 Aviation; ExpertJet; Flexjet; Fly Aeolus; FlyExclusive; FXAIR; GlobeAir; GrandView Aviation; Hopscotch Air; Instajet Club; International Jet; Jet Aviation; Jet Edge; Jet Linx Aviation; Jetlogic Ltd.; Jet the World; Jet Token; JetSet Group;; Jettly; Leviate Air Group; LunaJets SA; Luxury Aircraft Solutions; Magellan Jets; Netjets (including Marquis Jet); Nicholas Air; Northern Jet Management; ONEFlight International; Outlier Jets; Paramount Business Jets; Priester Aviation; Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group); PrivateFly; Prive Jets; Qatar Executive; Quantum Jets; Rennia Aviation; Sentient Jet; Silver Air Private Jets; Silverhawk Aviation; SimpleCharters; Sky Quest LLC; Solairus Aviation; Starflight Aviation; Star Jets International LLC; StraightLine Private Air; Stratos Jet Charters; Thrive Aviation; Tradewind Aviation; Unity Jets; Vault Jet; Velocity Jets; VeriJet; VistaJet; Wheels Up, and XO (formerly XOJET and JetSmarter).


Jet Card Comparisons by Feature

gift subscription

Review jet card features that impact which program will best fit your private flying needs

We have gathered over 40,000 data points from 50 + providers and organized them for you to compare by more than 65 variables in a single spreadsheet divided into chapters

It’s everything you need to know before you buy a jet card membership program.  Our pricing calculator enables you to compare head-to-head flight costs.

Jet Card features and variables

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