Kansas Jayhawks’ Coach Bill Self gets a ‘lifetime’ Wheels Up membership

Wheels Up app

Kansas basketball coach is receiving $240,000 in Wheels Up flight credits annually as part of a new contract the college basketball coach just signed

Wheels Up may soon have a new ambassador in the form of super successful head basketball coach Bill Self. The University of Kansas disclosed that Self gets $240,000 in annual flight credits as part of his new lifetime contract to coach the team.

The most popular private jets of 2020 revealed

Gulfstream G450

Gulfstream bumped Bombardier as the most used large private jet in 2020 while holding onto the top spot in super long-range private jets, according to Argus TRAQPak

Textron Aviation’s Citation Excel/XLS, Mustang, and King Air 200 were the most flown aircraft in their respective categories

Gulfstream Aerospace had the most popular large cabin and super long-range private jets in 2020, according to just-released data from Argus TRAQPak.

At the same time, Textron Aviation saw three of its business aircraft take the top spot in three of the eight categories. Its Beechcraft King Air 200 was the most flown multi-engine turboprop. The Cessna Citation Mustang was the most popular very light jet. Its Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ won the midsize private jet category.

King Air 350

King Air 350

King Air 350 profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership and jet card options

King Air 350 Facts

Powered by Kenny Dichter the King Air has enjoyed a renaissance in the past five years as the core of the Wheels Up fleet. Every Saturday during the fall, the King Air 350 gets a close-up bringing the guest picker to ESPN’s College GameDay.

TV commercials featuring New England Patriots’ future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady show him climbing into a Wheels Up King Air.

In other words, with the help of some deft marketing, the King Air 350 is no longer second class to jets. For flights under 300 miles flying time closely matches jets when taking into account takeoffs and landings, particularly around congested airports are done at slower speeds.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start: 1972

Production Ends: In Production

The over 1,000 King Air 350s includes six different models. There are also over 1,700 King Air 200 types, according to Amstat

Cabin Category

Turboprop – Turbojet – Twin Engine

Fleet Size

As of November 2019, Amstat lists 639 King Air 350s, 388 King Air 350is, 79 King Air 350ERs, 69 King Air 350Cs, and 3 King Air 350CERs in service

King Air 350 Cabin Size and Passengers

A typical eight-seat configuration in a King Air 350

Height: 57 inches

Width: 54 inches

Length: 19 ft. 6 in.

Seating Capacity: Up to 11, typically 8


Maximum: 1,806 nautical miles


Maximum Cruise Speed: 359 mph

Baggage Space

55 cubic feet accessible from the passenger cabin, and 16 cubic feet of exterior space


Fractional Ownership – No national programs

Dedicated Jet Card – Yes


Used King Air 350s are listed starting at approximately $1.3 million

Beechcraft King Air models currently in production

Compare over 150 private jet models in the Private Jet Performance Guide.

King Air 350i

King Air 350ER

King Air 250

King Air 90GTx

Jet Card Insider: Wheels Up is no longer a two-trick pony

Wheels up Citation X

After bringing turboprops mainstream by championing the King Air 350i, Wheels Up is now filling out its product offerings

There are probably few privately held companies that get as much airtime on the business cable networks as Kenny Dichter and Wheels Up, his entry second entry into the world of jet cards. His debut in 2001 was an exclusive agreement with NetJets to sell jet cards onto its fractionally owned fleet. Instead of having to buy at least 50 hours per year with a five-year commitment, Marquis Jet Partners offered the opportunity to buy in 25 hours at a time.

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